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About us

JouwTech is the expert in wholesale trade and mixed pallets with returned goods.

Since 2019, JouwTech specializes in offering wholesale trade and mixed pallets of returned goods, including electronics. Thousands of products are destroyed daily. Why? Simply because they have been returned, hence they cannot be sold as new anymore.

By offering mixed pallets and wholesale batches, we make returned products and excess stock available for wholesale traders like you. Destroying brand new and unused products simply because they have been returned is indeed a waste. Moreover, this imposes a heavy burden on our already vulnerable environment.


Unique mix pallets and batch trade buyout

We purchase these returnable goods on a large scale from manufacturers and online stores such as BOL, eBay and Amazon. The products are blended in a unique way, which enables us to offer goods, such as electronics, at the lowest possible prices on the internet. This offers very interesting profit margins, especially if you want to resell these products yourself in your shop or on platforms such as BOL.com, Amazon and Marktplaats.

After 2 years of ongoing development, we can now offer quality products at absolute rock-bottom prices. Whether you are an experienced batch trader, starting trader or private individual, everyone can benefit from these prices! In fact, anyone can buy these pallets from us. We even supply a complete manual full of tips and tricks with each pallet to help you sell as much trade as possible with the best margins.