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Mix Pallets

With return goods in varying compositions

Wholesale with mixed pallets of returned goods

Are you looking for the best wholesale deals and returned goods at absolute rock-bottom prices? Or were you searching for purchasing Amazon pallets or buying return pallets from bol.com?

Then you've come to the right place! JouwTech has exclusive deals with major manufacturers, online retailers, and importers. As a result, you'll find unique bargains here that are not available anywhere else at these prices. These unique pallets are not offered for sale anywhere else.

The mixed pallets consist of assorted returned goods, bankruptcy batches, surplus stocks, and excess inventories destined for trade. The retail value of these mixed pallets averages up to €5000 per pallet!

Mix Pallet Electronics
These unique mix pallets of consignment electronics contain returnable goods from A/B brands. The average retail value for you varies from € 1800 to as much as € 5000 per pallet. Also available without Chamber of Commerce registration. Start trading now and profit



Apple Return Boxes
These unique boxes contain returned items from Apple. The average retail value for you ranges from €2400 to as much as €6400 per box. Can also be purchased without a Chamber of Commerce registration. Start trading now and profit!



Buy Amazon Return Pallet
Buy unique Amazon return pallet? Then order these mix pallets with Amazon return goods. The retail value for you is on average between € 3,500 to as much as € 8,000 per pallet. Can also be purchased without Chamber of Commerce registration. Start trading now and profit!



JBL Pallet Boxes
These unique pallets contain returnable goods from JBL. The average sales value for you ranges from €1800,- up to €4800,- per box. Can also be purchased without Chamber of Commerce registration. Start trading now with trading and profit too!



Why JouwTech?

  • Largest wholesaler of return pallets in the Benelux

  • Orders starting from just 1 pallet

  • Continuous availability of new mixed pallets of returned goods

  • JouwTech delivers over 150 of these pallets per month

  • Track your shipment the evening before delivery via track and trace

  • Selling tips / guidance for novice traders with every pallet

  • Shipping costs are completely free

  • Own unique mixed pallets, not available anywhere else

  • Orders also possible for individuals

Buying Wholesale Pallets?

These unique wholesale pallets are perfect for quick resale through platforms such as Bol, Amazon, eBay, Marktplaats, your own online store, or physical retail shop. All mixed pallets are composed of A and/or B-grade brands. Due to the mixed and varied composition, each pallet always contains a wonderful product selection. Ideal for both novice traders and experienced buyers. Even as an individual, without a Chamber of Commerce registration, you can purchase these wholesale pallets from JouwTech. In fact, with each pallet, we even offer you a Tips & Tricks sheet containing various tips to maximize the resale value of the goods.

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"JouwTech delivers over 150 mixed pallets of wholesale goods to customers across the entire Benelux every month.

Sale of Wholesale Goods on Mixed Pallets

The assortment on these mixed pallets is ideally balanced and includes popular products at extremely competitive prices. As a result, the average profit margins are very attractive and the products are highly sought after. Additionally, you can expedite your purchasing process since you immediately receive a full pallet of merchandise. We sell over 150 of these pallets monthly! If in stock, wholesale pallets are shipped and delivered free of charge within 3 working days. This is, of course, done with track & trace, so you know exactly when your merchandise will arrive and you can start selling.

If you have any questions about our wholesale goods, our customer service team is happy to assist you. You can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions below."

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to all your questions

Can I also collect my order?

Collection is only possible by appointment and with a minimum order of 20 pallets. Our warehouse and logistics process is set up to process orders in our warehouse and give them to our carrier. If we have to deviate from this, there is a high risk of errors and it takes a lot of time. In addition, our warehouse is not intended as a pick-up location or physical shop. To relieve customers of this delivery obligation, we have chosen to make transport completely free of charge.

Can I pay on delivery?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to pay for your order on delivery. We work together with independent transport companies that do not offer a checkout option. You can easily pay for your order with one of the many payment options in our webshop.

Do I get a discount if I purchase a larger quantity?

We use quantity discounts on all our products, on the product page under the ''Add to cart'' button, the quantity discounts are displayed. You can also add the quantities to your shopping basket to see the total price. In addition, we always offer an extra discount to returning customers.

How many Mixpallets do you sell per month?

Every month, we deliver an average of 5 trailers of stock to our customers. Many regular and returning customers but also an awful lot of new customers and starters. 5 Trailers equal 165 Mix pallets.

How much can a Mixpallet bring me?

Our suppliers ensure equal distribution of the average retail value. The average retail value of the goods is between € 1800 and € 5000. The goods are often sold via trading platforms such as Marktplaats, eBay, Amazon or Bol.com. The products are also ideal to sell through your own physical shop or webshop. You are free to set your own selling price.

How will my order be delivered?

Every order is delivered to us with a Transporter connected to the national network in the Netherlands. This allows us to guarantee the safety and care of your order during transport. You will receive an e-mail from us 48 hours before your order is delivered with the latest information on the delivery of your order. So you know exactly what time to expect your order and how to prepare for it.

What is your delivery time?

We usually deliver every order within 2 to 3 working days, our system will automatically keep you updated after you place your order, should anything change you will be informed immediately.

What's in a Mixpallet?

For more information about the contents of a Mix pallet, please refer to the product page on our website. The product information describes what you can expect, for any other questions you can always contact our customer service.
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