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Buy unique Amazon return pallet? Then order these mix pallets with Amazon return goods. The retail value for you is on average between € 3,500 to as much as € 8,000 per pallet. Can also be purchased without Chamber of Commerce registration. Start trading now and profit!
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Buy Amazon pallet

Buying Amazon pallets containing unique return goods returned by Amazon customers themselves? You buy them exclusively from JouwTech! We at JouwTech have a close cooperation with Amazon Europe in the field of returns for Northern Europe. As a result, you can find unique Amazon return pallets at a very competitive rate with us. In addition to Amazon return pallets, we also have return goods with various electronics and returns from Apple and JBL. View all return deals here and discover your advantage!

What are Amazon pallets

Amazon return pallets consist of a mix of unverified returns, returned directly from end customers, with no intermediate verification. This means that all the valuable items originally in the shipments can still be found on the pallets. These are 14-day returns, where the customer often returns products only because of the colour, size or the product itself is not to their liking/taste.

Both businesses and individuals (without Chamber of Commerce registration) can purchase our Amazon return pallets. The products found on our pallets are very suitable for trading on popular platforms such as eBay, Bol.com, Marktplaats, Amazon, your own webshop or physical shop. In addition, you can sell these Amazon return pallets at auction or as prizes for bingo.

Selling value Amazon returns

As a party trader, you are naturally always looking for the best bargains. The average retail value of the products on these Amazon return pallets varies between €3500,- and €8000,- It varies enormously per pallet because each pallet is unique and unverified. This makes it difficult to give an exact value about the contents. Also take advantage of these unique deals. You also do not need to have a Chamber of Commerce number to buy from us. We deliver to consumers, party traders, exporters and therefore also start-ups.

Contents Amazon return pallets

Each Amazon return pallet offers a mix of products ranging from electronics to home and lifestyle items, sports and entertainment products and tools. On average, the pallets contain 100 to 200 products. So depending on the size of the items, each pallet varies.

Products you can find on the mix pallets:

- Tools

- Kitchen appliances

- Monitors

- Video games

- Sports equipment

- Lighting equipment

- Heaters

- Board games

- Consumer electronics

- Perfume/Cosmetics


Composition of our unique Amazon return pallets

Each pallet is completely unique in terms of composition and cannot be compared to other providers. This is because the products on the pallets on our behalf are manually mixed by a third-party independent party and are not sorted out. All products are returns, sourced directly from Amazon's end customer. Our pallets of return goods do not contain content lists because the products are unverified. However, in this way you are assured of ever-changing batches with beautiful batch trading where the valuable products are also present.

JouwTech is the only seller in Northern Europe that sells unopened Amazon returns received directly from the customer without an intermediate check. Our experience shows that only a few items on each pallet are not immediately saleable due to a damaged box, a missing part or a defect. As each pallet is unique, the actual number can vary greatly from one pallet to the next.

For the novice trader, JouwTech includes a manual full of tips and tricks to guide you through unpacking, inventorying, checking and selling your products, both online and offline.

Shipping method of Amazon return pallets

Do you order an Amazon Mix pallet in our webshop? Then it will be delivered to you within 2 working days free of charge and insured by one of our shipping partners. You will be informed about the delivery information of your order by e-mail.

Amazon pallet dimensions: 120 cm x 80 cm x 200 cm

Buying Amazon returns?

Order them directly from JouwTech. We have been supplying return pallets to individuals and companies throughout Europe since 2017. Every month, we send more than 200 return pallets to our new and existing customers.

Do you have any questions about Amazon mix pallets? Then our customer service team will be happy to help you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page. JouwTech does not apply a minimum order quantity. Products are delivered directly from our warehouse.

Please note! The product photos shown are from previous shipments and serve as examples only.