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Apple box.
Apple box.
Apple box.

Apple Return Boxes

These unique boxes contain returned items from Apple. The average retail value for you ranges from €2400 to as much as €6400 per box. Can also be purchased without a Chamber of Commerce registration. Start trading now and profit!
  • Delivery with Track & Trace
  • Global delivery to the doorstep
  • Included Tips & Tricks manual



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Returned Apple products in mixed

Unique and in varying composition, boxes of returnable products from Apple. Products from
Apple are absolutely of the highest quality. And only with us can you buy them at the
attractive price. The boxes contain around 22 to 65 unverified return products from Apple with an average retail value of €2,200 to €6,200. We see that on average 0 - 15% of the products in the box are not directly saleable, however, this varies from box to box. The reasons range from missing parts, a defect or missing packaging. In addition, many products may still have warranty from Apple, which means you can often request new products from apple quite easily with the serial numbers and items from this Box. 

Are you a party retailer looking for the best deals? Then choose these unique Apple
offers! Apple products have a long lifespan and are normally
expensive to buy. Not so with us! So enjoy the benefits of Apple at the
lowest prices on the internet. These returnable boxes are perfect for reselling quickly or using the
products yourself. You also don't need to have a Chamber of Commerce number to
buy from us. We deliver to consumers, party traders, exporters and so also start-up

Contents Apple return box
Your Apple box is filled with popular Apple products. These include:
● Airpods
● Airtags
● Pencils
● Keyboards & Mice
● Apple watches
● And other accessories

Each box is unique in terms of composition. So you don't know exactly what products are in it beforehand. This is how we keep the selection varied and there is always an element of surprise
present. Based on the examples shown, you can make your own small estimate
of the products to be expected in your box. We do all this to keep prices as low
as possible for you.

Shipping method of Apple boxes
Do you order a box of Apple return goods in our webshop? Then it will be delivered free of charge by PostNL within 1-2
working days. Every shipment is sent insured
so the delivery is risk-free for you.

Sizes Box: maximum 80x100x80 CM

Do you have any questions about Apple return boxes? Our customer service will be happy to help you. Find answers to frequently asked questions below.
Please note! The product photos shown are from previous shipments and serve as examples only.