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JBL Box.
JBL Box.
JBL Box.

JBL Pallet Boxes

These unique pallets contain returnable goods from JBL. The average sales value for you ranges from €1800,- up to €4800,- per box. Can also be purchased without Chamber of Commerce registration. Start trading now with trading and profit too!
  • Delivery with Track & Trace
  • Global delivery to the doorstep
  • Included Tips & Tricks manual



Bulk discounts for this product

Return products from JBL in mixed

Unique boxes with various return products from JBL. JBL's products are of high
quality and highly sought-after. The boxes contain approx 12 to 44 unverified return products from JBL with an average retail value of 1600 to 4600 euros. We see that on average 0 - 16% of the products in the box are not directly saleable, however, this varies from box to box. The reasons range from missing parts, a defect or missing packaging. In addition, it is possible that many products still have warranty from JBL, so you can often quite easily request new products from JBL with the serial numbers and items from this Box. 

Are you a party retailer looking for the best deals? Then choose this unique JBL
offer. You won't find it anywhere at these prices! So enjoy the benefits of
JBL at the lowest prices you're going to find. These returnable items are perfect for quick
resale on trading platforms, markets or your own website. Even better: you also
don't need to have a Chamber of Commerce number to buy from us. We deliver to consumers,
party traders, exporters and therefore also start-ups.

Contents JBL Returns in Box
Your Box is filled with popular JBL products. These include:
● speakers (Charge, Flip, Pulse)
● earphones
● headphones
● soundbars
● party boxes
● and other JBL products

Each box has a different composition. This way, you always have a unique and changing
assortment. The retail value of the boxes is almost identical to each other. So you know
what you can expect in terms of trade when you purchase these unique JBL return goods.


Shipping of JBL pallets
Do you order a box of JBL return goods in our webshop? It will be delivered free of charge and insured by PostNL within 3 working days. On the
evening before delivery you will receive a track&trace code to follow your shipment.

Do you have any questions about these JBL return goods? Then our customer service will be happy to help you
further. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Please note! The product photos shown are from previous shipments and serve as examples only.